Help to install our blinkies


If you've clicked onto this page, it means one of two things.  Either you are just naturally inquisitive or you're having trouble installing our blinkies to your blog.

Never fear, the answer is here (fingers and everything else crossed)

Here goes,

Highlight and copy ALL of the html code in the grab code box (text area underneath the blinkie)
In your own blog click on "Design" (you must be signed in to do so)
A menu will appear
In the left hand column click on "Layout"
A layout menu of your blog will open
In the right hand column click on "Add a gadget" (depending on your chosen layout this could be on the left hand of your blog)
From the gadget/widget menu select "Add Java/HTML Script"
A dialogue box will open on your screen
Right click into the large text box area
From the menu click "Paste"
Click "Save" and exit to "View My Blog"

This should see your chosen blinkie installed and working on your blog but if this is not the case please follow the steps carefully once more.

If this still doesn't help please contact me at and I will do my very best to provide specific help (although I do not profess to be a techie)

I hope that this helped

Julie Ann x

1 comment :

Gail said...

Sorry, but your challenge blinkie isn't working. I followed your instructions and have entered 100 blinkies on my blog and yours doesn't work. The code must be off since all that shows is the code on my blog, no picture.